BROWNPAPERBAG is THE professional videographer with 30 years of experience both on and off the stage. 

I started what became BrownPaperBag back in 1975, when I was working for an appliance store in NY. We received some of the very first Sony Betamax video recorders for sale and I was so excited by it I ended up buying one!  I was a young actor and I had the idea that I could record by performances and learn from what I saw (having a big ego helped.) It wasn't long before watching the video of the show was a big part of every cast party. A few people asked if they could get a copy. Not many people had VCRs; back then just a blank tape was $25.00, roughly $110.00 in today's money!  But those first few customers lead to today's full service videography and photography company.

By the way, I still have those tapes from 1975!

- Doug DeMarco


Douglas DeMarco  owner and producer

has been an active videographer and photographer of the last 35 years. He studied theater and acting in college and continues to perform locally. Over the years he has combined his love of the theater with his love of the visual arts to create a unique company with a unique focus. He is proud of his work and proud that fully 90% of clients are back year after year.