The BrownPaperBag Style

We will always shoot the way our clients prefer; some like close ups, others want all the dancers, all the time. Here are some examples of our style for Dance performances. 

Little Dancers

We shoot the tiny dancers as close as possible, so Mom can see the faces and costumes! The dance leaders are left out of much of the shot.

Two Camera "Bollywood" shot

Here we used two cameras; a main center camera and a second in the right side front row to add some spice. Most dance companies prefer the single camera as it shows the dance without cutaway angles. For those clients who would like multi-camera shoots, we have the skills to make it just 'so'.

The Single Pass shot

With older dancers, we keep the entire group in the shot. We will often add a single pass across the line so dancers can see their faces. Feet are always in the shot at all times.

“GA” Style

At the Greenwich Academy dance department, the dance director believes that the stage is part of the choreography and the vacant space portrays part of her emotional connection of dance to audience. In this style, the camera rarely moves and the stage becomes part of the performance.

Opening titles and into First Piece

We use a simple opening title to identify the performance, time and place. Less is more, and we want to get into the show quickly.

The Fully Framed Shot

This piece shows our general shot style for the older, experienced dancers. Here, they want to see the entire dance, as the audience sees it. Camera movement is minimal, just enough to keep the group framed throughout the piece.

Closing Credits

Each dance is delineated with a simple 'lower third' title in the corner. This 'closing credit' is at the end of the video and lists all the information from the program; dance title, music, choreographer and dancer's names.