42nd Street (2014)

EHS 42nd Street 04-14 SD.JPG
EHS 42nd Street 04-14 SD.JPG

42nd Street (2014)

from 32.95

Hear the beat of tapping feet! It's the 2014 Player's Club Musical, “42nd Street”

A Two-Camera, Widescreen DVD of the show, recorded in HD with professional sound and full titles and cast credits.  Choose from either a single Standard  DVD or  the two disk HD/SD set; allows you to watch your show on any player. 

Standard DVD will play on any equipment.  $32.95

HD DVD will play only on a HDTV and Blu-ray player.  $45.95

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About Brown Paper Bag

BROWNPAPERBAG is the professional imaging company, specializing in the Performing Arts. We have been in business since 1975, and we strive to produce the best, most effective, most watchable videos possible. We want you to enjoy our work and we want to preserve your work for many years to come.


A word about High Definition DVDs

If you have a Blu-ray player, by all means order the HD version.  When you play a standard DVD on a modern digital TV, it's trying to fill a space that is a almost 3 times larger, so the picture is not as sharp; like enlarging a photo too much, it starts to show the 'grain'.  The HD quality is so good it's like being back in the theater.

Our 2 disk HD sets come with one HD disk for playback on Blu-ray players and a standard DVD so you can play it back on a regular player, say at grandma's house or in the car. If you don't yet have a Blu-ray player, consider getting one. They are very affordable, around $70, can play all your older DVDs and most can even stream online services like Netflix.

And it will make your show look spectacular!