The Wizard of Oz (LHS 2015)

Lakeland Oz 04-15 SD.JPG
Lakeland Oz 04-15 SD.JPG

The Wizard of Oz (LHS 2015)

from 32.95

Follow the yellow brick road!

Lakeland High School presents

“The Wizard of Oz”

A Widescreen video of the show, recorded in HD with professional sound and full titles and cast credits.  


  • DELUXE High Def DVD (requires Blu-ray player). Two disk set, comes with a both  HD DVD and a standard DVD and HD digital stream  42.95
  • Standard DVD with HD digital stream 38.95
  • Standard DVD 32.95
  • Stream is available for 60 days after purchase

HD Digital Stream is a video you can stream and watch on your computer, smartphone or tablet. 

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