Penny Lane Twinkle Toes Recital (2014)

Penny Twinkle v2 05-14 SD.JPG
Penny Twinkle v2 05-14 SD.JPG

Penny Lane Twinkle Toes Recital (2014)

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Springtime at Penny Lane means it's also Recital Time!

The May 4, 2014 “Twinkle Toes” Shows.

ORDER BEFORE MAY 4 and save $5.00

Brown Paper Bag is producing the video of the shows, so you don't have to. All finished videos will have full cast credits, recorded in HD widescreen and with professional sound. 

Choose from three different formats of each show:

A single Standard  DVD or the two disk HD/SD set; allows you to watch your show on any player, and a HD digital download you can play on any computer or smart device.

• Order any DVD and add a download for just $10.00 more

• Price includes delivery.

• Standard DVD ($35.00) will play on any equipment.

• High Def DVD ($50.00) will play only on a HDTV and Blu-ray player. Comes with a Standard DVD for playback on regular players.

• Digital Download is h.264/mp4 file which will playback on almost all computers, smartphones and tablets and many HDTVs. Download to a computer, then transfer to another device. Please call if you have any questions about using the digital file.

Note: All four of the Twinkle Toes shows will be on a single DVD. If you have children in more than one show, you only need to buy the one DVD to get everything. The 6pm Dance Showcase will be on a separate DVD.

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