“Les Misérables” (PPYT 2015)

PPYT Les Miz 01-15 v2.JPG
PPYT Les Miz 01-15 v2.JPG

“Les Misérables” (PPYT 2015)

from 29.95

The musical sensation is here.

Pied Piper Youth Theater presents “Les Misérables”



Videos will have full cast credits, recorded in HD widescreen and with professional house and live sound. 

• Standard DVD ($27.95 + $2.00 Shipping and handling) 

• DVD and Download ($37.95 + $2.00 Shipping and handling)

• The Video Download  is an HD video file which will playback on almost all computers, smartphones and tablets and many HDTVs. You will be e-mailed a link to download when the video is ready. Download to a computer, then transfer to another device. Please call if you have any questions about using the download.


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