Broadway By the Book (RTB 2015)

RTB Bway by Book 05-15 SD.JPG
RTB Bway by Book 05-15 SD.JPG

Broadway By the Book (RTB 2015)

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It's back! Broadway By The Book.

• Widescreen DVD of the show, recorded with professional sound and full titles and cast credits.  

• Choose from either a single Standard  DVD or a HD digital download you can play on any computer or smart device.

• Order any DVD and add a download for just $10.00!

• Price includes delivery.

• Standard DVD will play on any equipment.

• Download is h.264/mp4 file which will playback on almost all computers, smart TV, smartphones and tablets. 

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Note: Because of the longer shows, each cast's show will be sold on its own DVD. If you need to order multiple casts, use the coupon code at5515p to save 15% on your entire purchase.