SHPA Winter Show (2013)

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SHPA Winter 12-13 SD.JPG

SHPA Winter Show (2013)

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SHPA presents "Winter Show 2013" starring your kids on stage and on a professionally produced video.

ORDER BEFORE DECEMBER 15 and save $5.00

Brown Paper Bag is producing the video of all the performances, so you can relax and watch the show. All finished videos will have full cast credits, recorded in HD widescreen and with professional sound. 

Choose from three different formats of each day's shows:

A single Standard  DVD or the two disk HD/SD set; allows you to watch your show on any player, and a HD digital download you can play on any computer or smart device.

• Order any DVD and add a download for just $10.00 more

• Price includes delivery.

• Standard DVD ($30.00 and 40.00) will play on any equipment.

• High Def DVD ($45.00 and $55.00) will play only on a Blu-ray player. Comes with a Standard DVD for playback on regular players.

• Digital Download is h.264/mp4 file which will playback on almost all computers, smartphones and tablets and many HDTVs. Download to a computer, then transfer to another device. Please call if you have any questions about using the digital file.

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About the Saturday Night video

The big show on Saturday night will be a Multi-camera production. You'll see the show even better than when you were in the theater; it costs a little more, but it's worth it!

NOTE: Due to the snow storm and rescheduling of the Saturday night show, we took the precaution of filming the Friday night show instead. Any order for the Saturday show will receive the Friday show, as the second performance was not filmed. If you have any questions, please call us. 845-528-1510.

About Brown Paper Bag Video

We are the premiere video production company specializing in the Performing Arts. With Brown Paper Bag, you're going to have peace of mind that your video is going to be done professionally. You can put down your camera and simply enjoy the show… we will make it permanent for you!