“Cinderella” (Both Casts - SRO 2017)

SRO Cinderella (Both) 06-17 SD.jpeg
SRO Cinderella (Both) 06-17 SD.jpeg

“Cinderella” (Both Casts - SRO 2017)

from 32.95

Standing Room Only Theatre Company presents Cinderella

A Widescreen DVD of the show, recorded with, professional sound and full titles and cast credits. 

New! Now you can watch the show in HD on your phone, tablet or smartphone! Order the 'digital download' version with DVD and have both.

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Standard DVD 32.95



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NOTE: Both casts' shows will be on the same DVD, so it will not be necessary for you to specify which cast you would like. And the kids love to watch the other cast do their show too!