Shrek “Parfait Cast” (SRO 2014)


Shrek “Parfait Cast” (SRO 2014)

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Everybody loves parfaits! Standing Room Only Theatre Company presents “Shrek”

Brown Paper Bag is producing the video, so you can just sit back and enjoy the show! All finished videos will have full cast credits, recorded in HD widescreen and with professional house and live sound. 

Three formats are offered:

A single Standard DVD or the two disk HD/SD set; allows you to watch your show on any player, and a HD digital download you can play on any computer or smart device.

• Order any DVD and add a download for just $10.00 more

• Price includes delivery.

• Standard DVD ($35.00) will play on any equipment.

• High Def DVD ($50.00) will play only on a HDTV and Blu-ray player. Two disk set, comes with a Standard DVD for playback on regular players. The quality is so good it's like being in the theater!

• Digital Download HD is an h.264/mp4 file which will playback on almost all computers, smartphones and tablets and many HDTVs. You will be e-mailed a link to download when the video is ready. Download to a computer, then transfer to another device. Please call if you have any questions about using the digital file.

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“So which one do I order?”

The best quality is High Definition; picture quality so good it looks like you're back in the theater. There are two ways to enjoy HD; the HD disk and the HD digital download. Unlike the standard DVD which will work on any player, an HD disk needs a Blu-ray player connected to an HDTV to play back. The digital download can play back on computers, tablets and smartphones, and home media players like Apple TV. We can help if you have any questions, or consult any teenager in your home.