Are you applying to college? Many colleges now require video submissions as part of the admissions process. Every year, we do dozens of "Portfolios"; finely tuned presentations of dancers, singers and acting that fine arts students use as the 'audition' portion of their college applications. We are well experienced in knowing how to put a portfolio together; how long it should be, what clips show the student in their best light and just as important, what to leave out.


Popular today are the 'tribute' videos. These are biographies for milestone events, such as executive retirements, anniversaries, bar mitzvahs,  and such. We can produce a tribute from materials you may already have such as photos and home video or shoot new fully scripted material.


A biographical reminiscing by an older member of the family, talking about the family history, full of stories from the old days and maybe revealing a secret of two! Shot in the style of a "Ken Burns" documentary, it's a wonderful way to preserve the family history before the first person stories are gone.

Social Events

Dinner dances, graduations, 'roasts' and parties are all part of the BrownPaperBag bag! We have the capability to record your event with one to four or more cameras, so nothing is left out. Relive what you saw and what you missed at you own party!