Oliver! (WS 2013)

WS Oliver 04-13 SD.JPG
WS Oliver 04-13 SD.JPG

Oliver! (WS 2013)

from 35.00

Widescreen DVD of the show, recorded with professional sound and full titles and cast credits.  

Two shows are being recorded: April 23 and 24 to cover the two sets of leads. Please choose the date you'd prefer when placing your order. You may change your order to a different date anytime before April 26.

Choose from either a single Standard  DVD or the two disk HD/SD set; allows you to watch your show on any player. Price includes delivery.

Standard DVD will play on any equipment.  ($35.00)

High Def DVD will play only on a HDTV and Blu-ray player.  ($50.00)

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